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BJS Easter Festival 01 April 2021​​​​​​​

Please see full details of our plans for the Easter Festival next week:

  • Well done to everyone for their audition videos - you have already won house points for your house! We will be letting the winners know tomorrow (Friday).
  • The final performances will be live in the hall if possible unless they are singing/wind instruments or something impossible to host in the hall like trampolining etc. In these cases, the audition video will be shown.
  • Please bring all creative entries (Easter gardens, hats, pictures etc) to school on Tuesday 30th. These will then be displayed in the hall on Weds and Thurs. Any films/documentaries will be shown on the big screen.
  • Performance times are: Wed am - Y6 9-10:15, Y4 10:30-12, Thurs am - Y5 9-10:15, Y3 10:30-12.

Thank you for your engagement so far. We look forward to an exciting couple of days!