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BJS Father's Day Mugs and Coaster

Father’s Day - 20 June

We are very excited to say that we are organising some Father’s Day

Creations for the children to get involved with. At the end of the newsletter are some forms with templates for the children to use to design either a personalised mug (£6 each with £1.80 going to the PTA) or a personalised Father’s Day coaster card (£4 each with £1 going to the PTA) where the cork-backed coaster can be popped out and kept separate from the card around it.

1.  If your child would like to create a mug and/or a coaster card, please print out the

appropriate form(s) for your child to create their designs, keeping within the boxes and ideally

using felt tip pens and pencil crayons (bold colours work best). Please do not use glitter,

fluorescent colours or stick anything onto the template.

If you do not have a printer, please contact  or the school

office and we would be happy to hand you a form.

2.  Once your child has finished their design, please complete the bottom of the form in capitals and return to BJS in a well sealed (ideally A4 - so the design isn’t creased) envelope (marked FAO BJSA re Father’s Day) together with payment. If possible please send in cheques written out to BACKWELL JUNIOR SCHOOL ASSOCIATION (our formal name) however we are also happy to take cash.

3.  The deadline for the return of the forms and payment is Monday 24 May.  We should then have the coaster cards and mugs ready for collection from BJS from Monday 14 June. 

PS The actual design of the surround of the coaster card is not as shown on the form, but as shown is the picture above.