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Morfa Bay Day 3

What a day! 

The surf was up at Pendine Sands and things got totally tubular! The children had a wonderful day (despite feeling a little tired from all the fun...), trails were blazed, fears overcome and new depths of confidence and resilience discovered. 

The mud assault course was marmite. You loved it or hated it - and it looked like marmite! Afterwards, it was ten minutes in the shower before soap became a meaningful option... 

With tummies rumbling, the Backwell hoard descended upon the BBQ! Morfa staff could hardly keep up, but stood firm, swashbuckling with tongs, fencing with kebabs and duelling with delectable side dishes. Paper plates piled high with towers of sausage, double-tripple cheeseburgers, and the odd green leaf of iceberg lettuce thrown in for good measure, smiles, laughter and the after-glow of a week of adventure settled over the group. We made it! We did it! We've got stories to tell and money for the gift shop!