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100 Reads Challenge!


Can you read all 100 (50 for Year 5/6) books by the end of your KS2 phase? The challenge is on!

The ‘100 reads’ book lists for both phases introduces the children to a varied and broad range of books and we have been really pleased to see so many of the children take on the challenge and improve their reading diet as a result. The aim is to read all 100/50 books by the end of the KS2 phases, earning certificates and prizes along the way!

The 100 Reads Challenge is continuing to run this academic year and we are looking forward to seeing the children either continuing with their phase's challenge or starting a new one! Here are a few reminders for how the challenge operates:

Year 5/6: Due to the lengthier nature of the reading books in this challenge, the 'ultimate goal' as is to read 50 books.

As well as continuing to make a note of the 100 reads books in the back of their reading records (with Year 6 recording them centrally in class), there is also a 100 reads sticker chart within each class. The children will independently add a sticker to the chart every time they read a 100 reads book.

Certificates will continue to be given to anyone who reaches the next multiple of 5 (Year 5/6) or multiple of 10 (Year 3/4) milestones at the end of the Autumn, Spring and Summer term.

With additional mini prizes as follows:

Year 3 / 4: 25, 50 and 75 books read… 'end of challenge' prize at 100.

Year 5 / 6: 15 and 35 books read…'end of challenge' prize at 50.