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Geography Intent Statement


At its core, Geography is an investigative subject, which, year on year, builds on children’s understanding, knowledge and skills. Geography inspires curiosity, problem solving and critical thinking. There are two aspects of Geography: human and physical. The study of Geography helps children to understand the world we are living in and their place in it. Our curriculum aims to teach children about the diversity of Earth’s features, resources, habitats and climates and the relationship between its people and their environment. We also want children to develop their disciplinary knowledge including: using maps, atlases and globes, data collection and analysis and analysing materials such as aerial photographs. Teachers promote a love of Geography by developing interesting and engaging lessons, displays and experiences as well as planning in opportunities for Geography field work.


Our curriculum aims to build on children's substantive and disciplinary knowledge each year. In each Geography unit, as well as teaching children about the human or physical features, we aim to provide opportunities for children to practise and improve their geographical enquiry knowledge, fieldwork skills and map skills. This is to ensure we are helping children to become well-rounded geographers who have both the substantive and disciplinary knowledge to succeed. At Backwell Juniors, Geography is taught both discretely and as part of our wider History topic to ensure all elements of The National Curriculum are covered. As they progress through their school life, children gradually expand the geographical area their learning is focused around.

During their time at Backwell Juniors, children will get several opportunities to:

  • Compare overseas climates to the climate of Backwell
  • Analyse weather and collect and analyse data
  • Compare the Annual Nile flood to floods we experience in the UK (Y3)
  • Spot similarities and differences between modern maps and historical maps
  • Complete field sketches
  • Explore the environmental impact of deforestation and habitat loss at home and abroad
  • Use a variety of equipment to locate important counties, places, landmarks, and seas (linked to History) including drawing their own maps
  • Study Backwell and the surrounding areas including – map work, field trips, surveys and data collection and analysis
  • Learn about natural disasters – Volcanos and Earthquakes


It is our hope that interesting and practical Geography lessons, planned experiences and field work create curious and confident geographers. Our substantive and disciplinary knowledge based curriculum, should leave children with a lasting positive view of geography and with the tools to continue to progress in KS3 and beyond. Children of all ages and abilities, should be knowledgeable about the world, understand how geography impacts people’s lives and aware of the threats Earth faces.