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Learning without Limits

Learning Without Limits is a philosophy that we wholeheartedly believe in here at West Leigh and Backwell Juniors. We offer our pupils every chance to succeed and are developing many different ways in which they can do this by taking greater ownership of their learning:

Self-Selection - Our pupils regularly choose their own level of challenge within lessons. Differentiated activities or challenges are available for the children to decide how best to take their learning forward.

'Goldilocks' Reviews or 'Purple' Learning - Once the pupils have chosen their own level of challenge, they reflect on their choice against various success criteria and decide if they have been working at a level that is 'Just Right' for them. This is also known as being a 'Purple Learner' and the pupils reflect on their work, highlighting it in purple if they think it has been completed with the right level of challenge for them.

Collaboration and Challenge - We aim to offer all of our pupils a wide variety of opportunities to work together to investigate and challenge themselves. Linked to self-selection, they can often choose if they work independently, together or with help from their teacher. Offering the pupils this level of choice, gives them real ownership over their learning choices and has a positive impact upon motivation. Allowing the children time to 'Grapple' with problems in class before offering our teaching input is also developing reasoning and problem solving skills. 

Celebration - We want all of our pupils to feel fully valued and we want to celebrate their many successes in class and out. Our weekly 'Celebration' and 'Superstars' services offer parents/carers the chance to share this with us and our 'Beautiful Work' displays showcase the effort of individual pupils to all visitors to our two schools.