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PE Intent Statement


At West Leigh we actively inspire children to enjoy physical activity and provide many opportunities for this. We provide a safe and supportive environment for children to flourish in a range of different physical activities and this supports their physical, emotional, social and moral development. We ensure that all PE lessons are stimulating and fully inclusive to promote progress for all children. Our pupils are enabled to master basic movements, participate in team games and perform dances using simple movement patterns. From a young age, all children are actively encouraged to have a healthy mind-set and to take part in physical activity via engaging lessons. Through this encouragement and the emphasis on being supportive to one another in PE, children are embedding life-long values such as cooperation and collaboration. Also, the children build resilience and confidence by being encouraged to ‘have a go’. Our PE curriculum along with PSHE and science teaches children about the importance of healthy living and what our body needs, as well as them developing their life-long knowledge and understanding of the positive impact physical activity has for their health and well-being.


Our PE curriculum is varied at West Leigh with a focus of building fundamental skills as we are an infant school. All children get two high-quality PE lessons a week. One led by their class teacher and one led by a qualified coach from Premier Sport. Premier sport delivers expert coaching to develop fundamental skills through a variety of activities suitable for EYFs and Key Stage 1. Our PE curriculum is sequenced precisely to ensure progression and that those skills and prior experiences are built upon. Playtimes are an important part of our pupils being happy, healthy and ready to learn. We have well-staffed and equipped playgrounds, including an adventure playground and a safe area to play football, to promote the children’s enjoyment of physical activity. We also have a field that the children use regularly in the summer. Each year we have a sports week when we invite specialist coaches in and the children participate in a range of different sports.  As well as providing a variety of opportunities for physical activity during school hours, we offer a wide range of after-school sports clubs including multi-sports, football and gymnastics. In the summer we hold a sports day for all children across the school where they compete in athletics and are given an experience of what sporting competition is like. Further to this, children in year 2 are provided with opportunities to start to take part in competitions against other schools, developing supportive relationships and good sportsmanship.


Here at West Leigh, we motivate children to participate in a variety of sports which are engaging and fun. This opportunity allows them to find physical activity they enjoy. Children leave the school with a rich and broad foundation in PE and an enjoyment for physical activity that they can take forward to lead a happy and healthy life.