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School Council

Each year, we begin the process of electing our School Council by discussing what the role of a School Councillor involves. We agreed that the role of a School Councillor:

  • Is a responsible position.
  • Represents the student voice by listening to the views, concerns and ideas of other pupils.
  • Shares views, concerns and ideas of other pupils with teachers.
  • Has sensible ideas on how to make our school better.
  • Can think of ways to contribute to our local environment.
  • Can help with fundraising events for our school and other charities.

We then continued by discussing Democracy and the role of elections. Pupils then put their names forward to run to be their class School Council Rep. However, Miss Hiscocks was incredibly pleased and overwhelmed with the number of children who wanted to run for council, we had to pull names out of a hat to have the final eight candidates for each class!

Each candidate made a manifesto with Miss Hiscocks and has practised and is ready to present these manifestos to the school in assembly on Tuesday 27th September 2022.  Good luck everyone!

UPDATE - The School Council presentations were a success! Everyone did an amazing job and should be very proud of themselves. 

Well done everyone! 

Polling Day

West Leigh Polling Day took place on Tuesday 4th October. It was as if the children had been voting for years as they all knew exactly what to do! They took their polling papers from Miss Hiscocks, voted in the polling booths and posted their ballot papers in the ballot box. The whole polling day was completed within 50 minutes and Miss Hiscocks was very impressed with everyone!


Congratulations to all of our School Councillor candidates. You were all fantastic but sadly, we could only have two councillors in each class. However, there is a hung parliament in Owl class as two of our candidates had exactly the same number of votes. Our school councillors for this year are:

  • Badgers = Matty and Vrutti.
  • Squirrels = Reuben and Lila.
  • Rabbits = Cole and Elin.
  • Owls = Freddie, Violet and Tessa.
  • Foxes = Barnaby and Ingrid.
  • Hedgehogs = Monty and Bella.

We will be hoping to have the first School Council meeting before the end of term to discuss our next steps as a School Council.




Term Two

Our new School Council's first job is to come up with ways of making our playground better. The School Councillors have completed questionnaires with their classes asking for their opinions on what they already like about their playgrounds and what they can do to make it better. 

In the past, we have used a company called Signet Signs to help develop and improve our playgrounds. As well as installing our trim trail in KS1, they have recently installed the traverse wall in Reception. Miss Hiscocks and the school councillors will be meeting with Signet Signs within the next few weeks to discuss what can be done to improve our playgrounds even further. In the meantime...We are entering the Signet Play playground marking hopscotch competition. To find out more information about this competition, click on the link above. 


Terms Three and Four 

Over these two terms, the School Council have been given their next big challenge to organise and run a school talent show! After lots of brainstorming of ideas, the School Council decided that preliminary auditions needed to be held during either week 3 of Term 4 (week beginning 6th March) or week 4 of Term (week beginning 13th March). The three finalist from each class will go through to the Grand Final on Monday 27th March!

Good luck to all those auditioning!